About Us

Cherry Lane Fields is Western Australia's largest cherry producer, and has been growing and selling cherries for over 50 years.

Established in 1978, Cherry Lane Fields is a family owned operated business, today run by George and Kathy Grozotis.

Cherry Lane Fields currently has over 12,000 cherry trees in about 20 different varieties.  From early harvesting varieties, to late ones, our season begins in late November and goes right through until mid January.

The cherries are all hand picked by local and seasonal workers and packed on the premises in our state of the art packing facility.  Reliable road transport from Manjimup provides efficient temperature controlled delivery of cherries from Manjimup to Perth.

The rich, well drained soils and climate, with cold winters and hot summers, provide a a superb growing environment for large, sweet and firm cherries with exceptional flavour.

We are constantly upgrading our varieties in line with market demand. The number of cherry plantings are being increased each season as demand for this excellent produce is also ever increasing. Everything produced in the orchard is also processed and packed on farm. We also have Fresh Care system which is in compliance with the highest Australian Food Safety Standards.

We aim to produce top quality fruit that is picked fresh every day, at peak ripeness. This ensures that you get the best tasting cherries money can buy. All our cherries are carefully picked and sorted by hand – there are no shortcuts here.

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*Professional photos are courtesy of Craig Kinder Food Photography.