Cherry Lane Fields employs a large number of casual cherry pickers and packers during the cherry season. Whether you live in Western Australia or elsewhere, you should consider a working holiday to participate in our annual fruit harvest!

Cherries and are picked and packed for export during our beautiful summer.  If you are travelling from outside Australia and wish to work for us during cherry season, you must have an appropriate visa issued by the Australian Government to be eligible for employment.

Applications are NOW OPEN for casual packing and picking positions for the 2021-2022 cherry season for work commencing in late November and all through December.

To apply for a cherry picking or packing position, please contact us today via email to kathy@cherrylanefields.com.au.

All successful applicants are required to find their own accommodation and transport etc.

Box filled with Cherries
Cherry Picking

Cherry picking starts around late November and continues through to mid-January depending on seasonal conditions. Pickers must handle the cherries with care and are paid by the quantity (kilograms) they pick.

Experience is not necessary, however, Cherry Lane Fields prefers to employ people who are prepared to work up to 6 days per week during the busy harvest season.

All staff are given appropriate training prior to commencing employment.

Cherry Packing

Our cherry grading and packing is conducted on our premises in our state of the art packing and storing facility.

Each cherry is individually checked during the packing and grading process before being packed into long-life bags for transport to customers in Australia.

Constant quality checks ensure that only premium cherries are packed.  Experience is not necessary, however, Cherry Lane Fields prefer to employ people who are prepared to work up to 6 days per week during the busy cherry season.

Jobs include hand sorting, box assembly, carton filling and wrapping and palletising.  Staff must wear appropriate footwear and clothing in the packing shed at all times.


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*Professional photos are courtesy of Craig Kinder Food Photography.