Health Benefits

Cherries are a favourite summer fruit for many across Australia.  With a short peak season from late November to mid-January, cherry season comes and goes in the blink of an eye!

Here are some of the health benefits to eating this delicious fruit.

Help Prevent Cancer

Fibre + vitamin C + carotenoids + anthocyanins makes a powerful anti-cancer team. Quercetin and cyanidin assist by helping to reduce free radicals.

Fight Cardiovascular Disease

Anthocyanin also reduces inflammation, plaque and nitric oxide keeping your heart strong and healthy. Quercetin fights against free radicals, helping to prevent heart disease.

Discourage Diabetes

Anthocyanin may reduce insulin resistance and increase glucose tolerance. Cherries have a low glycaemic index of 29 (lower is better) compared to apricots at 57, and grapes at 46.

Reduce Inflammation

Pytochemicals inhibit inflammation-causing enzymes, reducing pain from arthritis, injury and other inflammatory conditions.

Promote Better Sleep

cherries are high in melatonin, a hormone that controls the sleep and waking cycle.

Guard Against Stroke

Potassium may reduce these risks and cherries have more potassium (270mg) than strawberries (254mg) or apples (148mg).

Cherry Juice
Nutritional Facts

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*Professional photos are courtesy of Craig Kinder Food Photography.